Saturday October 20, 2012 ~ 8am-5pm

Monday, March 19, 2012

Other Vendors

In addition to all the vendors I'm posting with pictures, there are lots more who don't have pages or pictures yet.
-We have Suzy coming back with her AMAZING crepes, savory and sweet. She is also bringing her SHAVED ICE truck along because, we all know, it is going to be warm!
- We are having Jana with Premier Designs Jewelry come. They have amazing jewelry and also an amazing company, great customer satisfaction (they pride themselves on such). She is going to have a piece of jewelry in our giveaway coming up (stay tuned) and coupons in our swag bags, so come early!
- We also have Sara coming to educate and sell Bone Health packs, you really need to educate yourself. She will help you do so :)
-We have Sarah coming back with her Unlikely Letter boards. She has traveled the world taking pictures of letters found in nature and architecture. She then spells out all sorts of words. She customized one for my husband and has now has a giant Mr.Brown above his desk (he's an architect, in training) They are amazing, men even love them!!
- We have little 7yr old Lacy coming back selling cookies and Lemonade.
- Caroline coming with fresh baked bread, other baked goods and home grown herbs.
- Rebecca of Down South Charms coming, who is new, with her very unique jewelry. We have been searching for someone like her and she found us! We are thrilled. She makes hand stamped jewelry and jewelry out of old vintage silverwear. I'm SO EXCITED!
- We also have Samuel coming to serve hot and fresh nacho's for anyone (husband's, kids) who wants to eat while their ladies shop.
There are so many new and old favorite vendors you will not want to miss!!

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